The difference between Sass, Scss, and Css?

What is the difference between those guys Sass, Scss, and Css?
As a developer, what should I use?
please, provide a simple explanation for the basic level!

If you currently don’t know what CSS is, then I wouldn’t worry about SASS and SCSS.
Just focus on learning CSS.
If you know CSS and you want to know more about the others then read here:

Once you know CSS, you will run against some limitations, like the fact that you have to constantly repeat yourself when you want, for eg, a specific colour for multiple elements. This gets very tedious the larger your website gets. So SASS (and SCSS which is a type of SASS) were created to help with this (by allowing for eg. the use of variable declarations).

Browsers don’t read SASS/SCSS so whatever file you create in these two languages has to be processed back into CSS. But for some people it is worth this extra step to get the extra features offered by SASS/SCSS. On the other hand, debugging SASS/SCSS is harder to do because of that.

I think for a beginner what you need to know is that CSS is the language used for styling a web-page, and that there are extensions to CSS (or abstractions depending on your perspective) called SASS/SCSS which give more programming flexibility.

In general, this type of question has been asked/answered many times on many websites, so if you need to know more, you should definitely use google to look up details.

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