Should I start BackEnd before Data Visualization?

I’ve recently finished the Front-end curriculum. At the moment, there isn’t much any lectures in Data Visualization, where as the back-end does.

Is it possible to go straight to the Back-end before data visualization? Is that wise?

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There’s nothing wrong with it, and as far as I know, there’s nothing you learn in the data-viz section that you’d need to know for the back end. You can do the lessons and projects in whichever order suits you.

That’s what I did, but I stopped short of completing the backend (I did the first half), so I could learn React first.

Like @PortableStick says, you can do them in any order really.

You’ll learn helpful concepts in all of them that feed into the others, so the only rationale I’ve used for deciding the path I take is ‘what do I feel like doing today?’

I did the same as @JacksonBates, finishing the first 5 back end before making any real progress on the data viz. This was fine, however the skills are very different and in order to start progressing through data viz I still had to just sit down and put in some real effort to learn React and D3. These are definitely a step up from the front end projects. Speaking of React seems there is now a slick CLI to start building quickly, I’d definitely recommend checking that out: “create-react-app”.

I would say you could do React, D3, and Back End API in any order, but I expect it would be best to do all of the above before attempting the Dynamic Web Apps.

Good luck!