Skipping the Data Visualization section to do Back End first?

So I’m almost finished my projects for the Front End Cert and I was thinking of doing the Back End cert before doing the Data Vis.

But I don’t know what I don’t know, so I thought I should ask if anyone has any opinions on why I should or shouldn’t do this? Would I be missing anything important that is needed for Back End? Is there a good reason to NOT skip to the Back End first?

And, slightly off topic, but I noticed that the Data Vis is just React and D3. I’ve seen React as a desired skill many time but never ever heard of D3. Any reason FCC chose D3 as something to cover and not, for example, Angular or any of the other very high-demand skills you see all the time?

Yeah, I wasn’t suggesting not doing it at all. Just the order of things. My thinking was simply, wouldn’t having FE and BE make me more job ready than FE and DV? If one combination increases my chances of getting a job faster, then I’d like to do those two first and the third one last.

I went from FE to BE without doing data viz. I was just more interested in that.

I think I might do some React after the backend microservices though, before doing the bigger backend projects. Haven’t decided yet…

I think part of the beauty I FCC is that if you want to mix up the path to completion, you can, with minimal fuss :slight_smile: