How important is the Data Visualization Certificate?

I’m halfway through with the Front End Libraries Certificate, and am really, really excited to learn node.js and express. I kind of want to skip the data visualization certificate.
How important is learning D3? I don’t feel like I’m ever going to really need to know how to make a bar graph for one of my personal projects or to get a job to be honest. I’d like to be proven wrong though. It would be awesome to hear how great D3 is and how critical it is to Web Development, I just don’t feel like that’s the case :confused:.

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With the old curriculum, there was no issue skipping over the DV section, I assume there isn’t an issue here. I do notice that it has a section “JSON APIs and Ajax” and that might be nice to run through, unless you have that down pat.

Is DV important to get a job? I see it pop up on a lot of job postings, not most, but enough that I notice it, and many of those mention D3 by name. It would be good to at least have done a little of it. But you could probably skip it for now.

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Yaaaaaay! Thanks for the answer! Yeah I already did Ajax & Json from the Legacy Front End Certificate. I made the weather app, twitch stream thing(ect.). I think I’m going to skip Data Visualization and learn Node.js because I am SO EXCITED TO LEARN BACKEND! But of course, I’ll go back to learn it after completing the APIs and Microservices certificate. Thanks for the advice! Very helpful!