Jump the gun on React?

I’m just at the beginning of “Advanced Algorithm Scripting” (i.e. on “Validate US Telephone Numbers”). I notice that a number of people use React on their advanced projects, and although the FreeCodeCamp curriculum puts it later, in the “Back End” section, would anybody advise me to start learning it right now and use it on the projects? In other words, poll: should I, at this stage:

  1. charge ahead and push through the last algorithms, calculator, Simon game, etc., “claim my certificate,” and then turn my attention elsewhere, or
  2. take a few weeks to dig into React on codeschool or wherever, as my advanced projects (and, as a result, portfolio) will benefit from it?

I think you should finish the front-end certificate first. React / redux will change a lot of things so I think it is best to wait till your at a good starting point. You could start learning flexbox / sass / es6 / array.map if you do not know them yet.

I would start learning React as soon as you can. Unless you’re already familiar with building apps, then there’s going to be a lot to learn and you might as well start now. Even if you end up not using React for your later last few front-end projects, I think it helps to introduce yourself to concepts slowly rather than cram just before making a few projects you won’t see again for 6 months.

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Finish Front End then learn React. In that order. Some of reacts programming requires a little understanding of some more advanced patterns. Once you do that I will suggest: https://youtu.be/-AbaV3nrw6E?list=PL6gx4Cwl9DGBuKtLgPR_zWYnrwv-JllpA this link will get you started. Watch the whole series once. Then do the series, then do it again and you will have a firm grasp. Then use “standard es6 component” and then you have a good I would say working knowledge of react. FYI React is awesome.

And I would build everything I can in it. Except I am horrible at Webpack. Webpack is powerful but you have to know how to use it but I make due: https://afternoon-inlet-51707.herokuapp.com/ (my rogue like.)

I think there is SOOOO much you could learn, you may as well just follow your interest (within reason…I don’t mean changing languages every three days…)

The thing that excites you is the thing you are likely to stick with and learn well.

The examples of front end apps you’ve seen using React could be from people that went back and refactored their original work much later.


Most of the React documentation assumes comfort with ES6/ES2015 JavaScript syntax, so be prepared for that. (You need to know ES6 anyway.)

The freeCodeCamp Medium channel had a series of posts about ES6 syntax and usage earlier this year.

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