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I want to become a React front end developer, right now I am almost to complete the front end development certification in freecodecamp, other than that I am not familiar with ES6,React,Angular js. Till now got some idea with jquery,bootstrap,css,js,html. At this point, Is that possible to learn react (atleast to manage with basic stuffs and work in a project) in 1month? Any tutorials for react js please suggest. Thanks in advance.

This is a really broad question that nobody can genuinely give you a good answer to because what works for me may not work for you.

I thought I would still comment on this because I was at a similar position last year (with the exception that I never aimed to become a React front-end developer)—I knew JavaScript (not ES6), HTML, CSS and, in terms of libraries and frameworks, I could only work with jQuery and Bootstrap.

Anyhow, in my opinion, the weirdest thing going from nothing to React is in understanding how everything fits together and why they do. I started building my first React application (according to the FCC curriculum) two days after going through the introductory section of the official documentation and, well, it kind of worked, but I realised that some of the things that I was doing were not ideal in the first few applications that I made. I became fairly comfortable with React by the time I finished most of the FCC challenges just by going through documentation and questions on Stack Overflow whenever I was stuck. Like learning everything else, if you have to question yourself whether or not it’s the right way to do it, try looking for an answer—someone else probably did, too.

I came across this article a long time after I felt comfortable with React and wished that I’d read it sooner. In addition, there is also now an alpha(beta???) React/Redux FCC curriculum in case you are not aware of it. I went through the whole thing a while ago and personally find it rather solid as an introduction.

At least according to personal experience, I think that if you find the React pattern weird, and if you are going to also learn Redux, you may want to take your time to understand React well before moving onto Redux.

If nothing else, learn enough to build an application with just one button that increments a counter when pressed—I personally find that a lot more helpful than trying to build a to-do list.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

EDIT: the article I linked to above is really highly recommended.

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Learn ES6, extremely good.
Differentiate yourself learning VueJS, and a bit of Typescript.

You will have different skills, and if requested jumping to Angular or React (knowing the above) will be much much easier.