Learning frameworks together: Good idea?

For those experienced with the different front end frameworks, I was wondering something. I’m approaching the point of beginning the react course here on FCC, but I also have interest in learning Angular. Is it too overwhelming to learn them both simultaneously? My original plan was to practice making the same projects in React and Angular, but I may be about to bite off more than I can chew. what do you think?

I would focus on one at a time as they can get a little overwhelming when you first start out with them, and even experienced people can find react to be a little frustrating. Personally, I think its better to pick one and be proficient in instead of trying to learn both. In my area there is more of a demand for React than Angular, so it might be worth to see what’s more in demand in your area and focus on that to increase your chances of getting a job.

Also, just a heads up. The react course here is a little out of date, it can till teach you good things about react though

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good to know. Maybe I can supplement it with some FCC youtube videos and udemy stuff.
Around where I am, there’s a lot of angular postings. Not to say there aren’t any react jobs, but angular seems to be a little more popular. But yeah, just looking at the roadmap, seems like the frameworks have a lot to digest, so that’s why I started questioning myself.

Yeah, doing two at the same time would be too overwhelming. That’s why I think pick one and stick with it and become good at using it. Then I would take the time you would use to learning another framework and use it to refine other areas. Like making sure your JS, html, and css are where they need to be. Start working with api’s because that’s going to be a huge part of development. If you havent already, I would also use them time to learn something like bootstrap or tailwind

that’s a good point about APIs. I understand I need to learn them, but I’m not sure at what point

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