FCC Teaching React...hmm

Most of the times I see people complaining that they are burned out, that they can’t learn React, can’t grasp the concepts, etc.
Let me tell you something. It’s normal. React isn’t targeted at beginners, I mean, let’s be honest here for a quick minute, most FCC users that get to the React part aren’t really prepared because they might have skipped thinking about a few lessons, or projects and ended up copy pasting code. Not saying that’s super bad, but if you do that without trying to understand what you’re copying, it is.
So, I’ll jump straight to the point.
Fcc should teach Vue.js instead of React, it’s as strong as React, and has an easier learning curve and more ‘in the box’ without any other frameworks.
Just my two cents.

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Did you learn Vue before coming to React?

It would be great to have an fcc course on Vue but there is no reason to replace the React course. Both are great tools

That’s true. Template-based approaches such as used by Vue and Angular are easier to grasp because the structure of the page and the data model / functionality are clearly separated. React components mix the two together, and can easily become spaghetti or a big ball of mud. So React components have to be kept small and simple. This creates data problems, because the properties often have to be passed down through multiple components, a process called prop drilling. Hence Redux, and now say hello to boilerplate heaven.

React is a fascinating and innovative solution to front end development, but it requires a lot of skill to do well and is not totally suitable for beginners. Vue is a better place to start.

FCC should teach continue teaching React for a few indisputable reasons.

  1. Its by far the most popular front-end framework.
  2. It wont go anywhere, since it’s backed by Facebook, and proven to work for large scale projects (Office 365, Facebook itself)
  3. There are vastly more job opportunities for React than Vue. Hell there are more job opportunities for Angular than Vue.

If an FCC user gets to React and is unprepared to learn it because they skipped a few lessons, and React is “too hard” then I don’t consider that a problem with React. They could easily copy-paste Vuejs code, or Angular code. Hell they could copy paste their entire way thru all of FCC, but that means they learned nothing of value.

React is worth more to learn right now than Vuejs. Just because something is easier, doesn’t mean it’s better to learn/teach.

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I don’t think this is a fair assessment of what makes React difficult for campers, to be honest.

The learning curve is very steep, and frankly React solves a bunch of problems campers just haven’t encountered by the time they reach that part of the course, even if they ace the JS section and do a bunch of extra learning in JS. That means they miss a ton of the why and learning anything without enough context is problematic.

That said, just because something is more likely to lead to work, that doesn’t mean it is the best thing to teach. From an educational perspective, Vue might make more sense since it introduces the concepts of components in what is purported to be an easier way for beginners. I haven’t touched Vue, I should add - this is just hearsay.

From an employability perspective I probably could have applied for more jobs in my city had I been better trained in PHP, WordPress, .NET or Java.

The primary reasons we don’t have a Vue course is simply because Vue simply didn’t exist when FCC started (or at least not in any meaningful way) and no one has offered to flesh one out yet.


I understand your point,very good.
But when FCC started you didn’t teach React, it came later.