Having some trouble with the Front end Libraries

In general, I am a big fan of FCC, and had a wonderful time while working through the first two Certifications.
Each day I work for one hour, as an extra besides Uni.

Now I have reached the third Certification and everything seems different. It started getting worse during the React lessons. Suddenly there is a ton of very information heavy text to read, and I had to keep copies of the solutions just to look up the syntax for the following solutions. It is most of the time unclear to me what the output is even supposed to be, and the check marks are often only completed if everything works, instead of giving you actual feedback on where you’re stuck.

I hate to do it, but I often need to look up the solution, and am often baffled by it.
Did anyone have a similar experience?

React was definitely a struggle for me. It’s something I intend to revisit and explore further, but my initial experience was an uphill battle.

Don’t be afraid to search around for other resources. FCC is great, for sure, but supplementing your learning is never a bad idea.

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The further you go, the steeper the learning curve will be. Part of this is just the nature of the material: as you get into more advanced topics, there aren’t really “baby steps” any longer. It’s also partly by design. As you get more experienced, you are being weaned off of freeCodeCamp tutorials. As topics get more complex, you’ll build skills in searching for more information online, learning how to process the information you find, and even learning how to ask effective questions of your peers.

You’re not doing a great job at the education part though, assuming you are a part of the FCC team (or you direct messages to them). I totally get that the learning curve will have a steeper pitch, but what you’re doing in React/Redux has nothing to do with education. Suddenly there are a ton of new terms one has to understand, and instead of them being explained as pieces of a puzzle, there is suddenly a huge amount of text for most tasks. A healthy brain cannot remember all these facts, and at the same time you often don’t provide a visible output, so one has to come up with what is happening in their own mind. Inexperienced people can’t do that. I’d get if you introduce a ton of new terms or removed the output, but why both?