Feeling Defeated about Code

Im working on the React module and some of the exercises always make me feel like I’ve got a long way to go. Here’s why: after racking my brain for almost an hour trying to figure out the solution for a challenge, I finally looked at the solution here. I WAS NOWHERE CLOSE TO THE ANSWER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT. If the answer was a road heading north, I was heading waaaaaay south. I honestly think it has something to do with the way FCC doesn’t elaborate enough. There’s always a vital piece of info missing and as a beginner, there’s no way to know what it is. At any rate this happens often with me and I feel defeated and really sad ngl.

This feeling is common among new coders. But you just have to keep learning and practicing. The more you do, the more sense it will make to you. This stuff takes time, and is not going to come to super quickly. Researching stuff online is part of coding as well. No one here know everything, and we all have had to research when we get stuck. The challenges deliberately give you just enough. Being creative, thinking about the solution is another part of coding. If you had a job as a developer your project lead isnt going to say “heres a step by step instruction sheet”. No, they are going to give you information you need and then its up to you to come up with a solution. Its what makes coding fun


I would suggest you look at other resources as well for learning React.

But it might be a little harder to find tutorials that will help you learn the class-based component style used in the curriculum unless you specifically look for older tutorials.

You very likely have to learn both the current approach and the old one if you want to code React for a living. But I would suggest you focus on the current approach and only learn about classes as needed.


I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time trying to learn programming. Just like a video game, it can be very hard at first, but if you read the guides and study the map/location, you can return to level 2 or level 3, and beat it in 5 minutes. First time might have taken an hour. Programming is the same. Don’t feel guilty because you took ages to work something out, all while going the wrong way. That’s bound to happen.


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