Learning has slowed, unsure where to look next

I am nearing the end of the front-end frameworks curriculum and feel like I’m suddenly in the deep end. Jquery and Sass were fine and fairly straightforward, even React I feel I know the basics of decently but I’m still far from being able to sit down and make a react app from scratch. After powering through redux I am starting to feel really unprepared for react-redux and especially the front end projects. I just feel my retention has gone down I’m not sure if I’m trying to move too fast or if I should try other resources. After doing the react section on fcc I also did the tutorial on reacts website. I’ve also watched some of traversy’s video on react with redux and his tutorial involves a lot of stuff that hasn’t been covered so far on fcc (async, api’s, fetch requests, json). From what I can tell the front end projects are going to require these types of things as well. I’m just feeling a little unsure of what to do next, do I keep trying to plow through fcc curriculum or are there any good resources out there for practicing these intermediate concepts? I’ve heard people say that fcc doesn’t cover everything but this is the first time the projects are actually requiring that I go learn elsewhere.

The front end projects shouldn’t require APIs. I don’t even think CodePen will RUN APIs.
My recommendation is that you start experiementing and trying to build the first project - as you build it, you’ll run into a lot of “I want to do this but I don’t know how”. Then a quick google search usually helps!

I am looking at a lot of other people’s posts here on the forums and most of them have asynchronous functions or API calls or both (I’m looking at the first project that is random quote generator). The curriculum hasn’t touched on async at all so I think I got my answer – looks like I need to find other resources to learn these concepts.

edit just to clarify, the random quote generator project is obviously going to need some kind of method of pulling quotes from somewhere. The example code uses ajax which was never covered in the curriculum. I understand there are lots of different ways to implement this, so I’ll just need to research a bit.

if you want to stick to the curriculum Ajax is in the next certification: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/data-visualization/json-apis-and-ajax/

That is good to know, I may just continue to the next lessons for now. I was under the impression that we were encouraged to do the projects based on the curriculum that was already covered.

sometimes you need to search outside of it.
for the random quote machine you can also use an hard written object of quotes with like a dozen of them, like something similar to what you would get with an API

That’s what I did. Built an array.

or if you want, the sample project use this one: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/camperbot/5a022b72e96c4c9585c32bf6a75f62d9/raw/e3c6895ce42069f0ee7e991229064f167fe8ccdc/quotes.json

You can open it to see the data, and you can maybe build your project considering that data structure, and when you are able just change the data structure you wrote with the API call (this or any other you can find around)