Is it worth to skip over Redux and head into the Front End Libraries projects?

I did the FCC section of React as well as on Scrimba and really felt like I learnt a lot. I then got about halfway through learning React on Scrimba and FCC , but it definitely didn’t sink in as much.

I mentioned to some friends that I’m starting to learn Redux and they were surprised. They said that I should really start doing projects and using HTML/CSS/JS and React before trying to use Redux.

While learning React I was enjoying myself and looking forward to learning more. With redux I feel like I’ve hit a wall and no longer look forward to studying it.

Do you recommend slugging through the Redux section before approaching the Projects, or should I skip it and revisit it at a later date?

Many thanks!

you can do the projects with any framework/library that can be useful.

You can always do one project for each of the things you have learned, or do all of them with a single thing and then return later to review/practice the others. Up to you