Take home React + Redux + REST API project?

Hey guys, so I’ve worked a year as a Junior Frontend developer but it was mostly solving CSS bugs and now I’m looking for a new job.

I had an interview today for a React position. I told them I’ve been learning React here on FCC and showed them Drum Machine and Markdown Previewer that I made. Apparently it’s not enough and I also need to know Redux and understand REST API. They want me to look into it / learn as much as possible of it during this week and then schedule a technical interview with me next week. By learning they mean I need to code an app in React + Redux and use some kind of REST API.

I feel a bit overwhelmed by all this terminology right now, so could you please give me an example of such project? Is there anything like this at FCC curriculum?

The new curriculum covers Redux along with React. It’s a little weird at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad. Setting up a REST API will depend on the backend language. FCC covers Node/Express in the API and Microservice section. Getting all these to work together is a little tricky.

For both of these, I might recommend Youtube videos. It’s a great way to code along and learn the basics quickly.

Just to clarify, are they asking you to build the REST API, or just use it. If it’s the latter then this should be pretty doable.

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Thank you for your answer!

They want me to just use REST API, sorry it wasn’t clear from post, I’ll update it now. Can you suggest an idea for such project?

I think first you have to learn Redux. Focus on that really hard for a few days.

I’ll have to think of a project that uses Redux and APIs. If you have any of the old React projects that use APIs, you could always just Reduxify them. I’ll have to think of something else.

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This is something I did, where I created my own API. You can ignore the server and just focus on the client - it is React/Redux, although I think it also uses Redux-Thunk for the API calls. But it’s possible to do without the thunks, if you just put the AJAX stuff in the components. This is a pre and post I did for a meetup I had to teach on using Redux (but without React to keep it simple).

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Also, if you need API data to use, this is a great service of fake data you can use.

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Hi! Which YT videos would you recommend?


As far as React, there were lot but I remember enjoying the Brad Traversy videos.

For Redux, I didn’t really rely on youtube (though I’m sure there is some good stuff out there.) For Redux I went to the source and watched Dan Abramov’s (the guy who invented Redux) videos on egghead.io. It can be hard to understand Dan’s accent sometimes, and he kind of skips over a few things (especially from video to video) but if you put in the effort, these are excellent. Some people have transcribed some if it, like here. I did my own notes to help people make the transition from video to video, where he changed things without telling you. In the readme file you can see my issues with the series. But all and all, I found them very useful. Just be forewarned that these move very quickly so there will be a lot of pausing. I assume these were meant for watching and not “code-along”. But I like to code along.