Am I the only one that got lost with the React + Redux stuff?

Hi all,

I’m completing the Front-end development libraries, but I got pretty lost in it. I mean, the previous stuff was so awesome, but I can’t get a hold on what’s the use of this. This doesn’t really help to motivate me to finish this course.

Am I the only one ? Or maybe someone could share its experience with React + Redux to give me a outlook and a better understanding of theses libraries ?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @tpeyron !

No :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Redux confused me too.

Good news is that you don’t need redux for any of the projects.

Just do your best to get through the lessons.

You could look into other resources to help you understand better.

I really like mosh’s videos.

Not at all. I was quite confused when I discovered Redux. What were all these actions, reducers, containers…
My colleague felt the same when I explained all of this to him. All of this only to manage the state, he said.

Then as I replied to him, it might be confusing at the beginning. But we always do the same things and we do it a lot. So try to practice with an input. You need to make it become a controlled input. Once you succeed, write down a procedure. You will just have to follow it for all your uses of redux. One day, you will realize you don’t need to read your notes anymore.

If you have any question about redux, feel free to ask, i would be happy to explain it.

@jwilkins.oboe , @ThibaudF , thanks for your replies !

Well, that’s good to hear, I felt really desperate while hitting the “get a hint” button for each challenge ! I wanted to get some feedback from people to evaluate whether I should push to learn it right now.

I’ll have a look a this video, as well as the channel. I’m more a reading person, but this one looks quality-made and interesting !

For my little projects, I don’t actually see how could I put it at use, so I guess I’ll just leave it aside, until I fell the urge to use it.

Thanks again !

I’ve looked for additional React resources also. I recently found Mosh too, and codecademy has guided React projects. I know, you want comprehensive. Not sure if React factors into much of the Interview section either. It seems apart time wise.

Hi tpeyron,

I had a very similar experience when I started my current position which involved frontend development with React for the first time.

The tricky thing with React is that it looks simple, doesn’t it? You just have to write some components. But there are so many traps you can fall in.

The same experience repeated itself when I laid my hand on Redux. The core concept of a single store and the Flux pattern immediately made sense to me. But somehow I still struggled a lot with it.

I sometimes believe that the Redux developers secretly put something in their code that stimulates your brain waves in some odd ways, making you forget how reducers work. :smiley:

You are not the only one that struggles from time to time with React & Redux. Just keep building stuff with it, it will eventually sink in.


Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate !

Knowing that you could start a job without being proficient with React is good to know. Being among others developers that are familiar with it might have eased the learning !

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Yeah, I got very lost learning React and Redux - they are so different than what came before, a different way of thinking that takes a while to “click”. It took a lot of work and “clumsily using it without fully understanding” for a while.

I don’t know if I would say, “you could start a job without being proficient with React”. If it is a React job, unless it is an internship, I would expect to have some proficiency. Maybe it depends on how you are defining that. You certainly don’t need to be an expert.

But yeah, just keep working at it. Build things, make mistakes, learn some more, keep building.

I learned React and Redux before those sections of the FCC curriculum were finished. I learned a lot from watching youtube videos, coding along. Also, I watched some videos by Dan Abramov (one of the inventors of Redux) on - they were free when I watched them - hopefully they still are. They were good but maybe a little too theoretical when starting out. Also, both React and Redux have excellent documentation - I would suggest getting in the habit of reading a few pages each night. You can absorb a lot that way.

But yeah, there is hope. They’re weird at first, but once it clicks, they are very powerful and elegant.

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