The sence of React / Redux / React and Redux at the point it is explained

Dear guys,

I`m heavily struggeling @ React / Redux / React and Redux at the point it is handled.

Am I the only one whoose struggeling at this point?

I mean, my mind tells me that larger projects should be written with the help of it, but should I have written projects like theese at this point?

I`m right now thinking to go on the the Data Visualisation Part and maybe come back later to the Redux.

What do you think?

Best regards


It is complex, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to learn Redux.

IMO it’s better you learn it if/when you realise you need it, which you are only going really be be able to recognise after building things in React (or Angular/Vue/etc that have similar state management tools) and being confronted with & understanding the problem Redux solves. It’s very useful for certain things, but it needs an enormous amount of (generally handwritten) boilerplate; this makes for quite complicated code. Shoving it into every app is pointless, particularly small ones. It it difficult to really see the point of it for those smaller apps when you’re learning. Note that React has now sorted out the API that covers a large chunk of Redux use cases (and powers Redux itself), Context.


I’m feeling the same way with the redux projects. In previous projects, you would be given a use case, followed by the code example (to get the syntax down), and then instructions for how they wanted us to implement the use case. In the redux course the lack of code examples makes it difficult. I found this post start using redux the right way that helped me kinda understand how to layout the different elements. I don’t know if my brain would let me move on without first completing the front end work.

Best of luck,


That’s completely normal. React is weird and a very different way of thinking. And then Redux is even stranger. It’s completely normal to struggle with it. I learned them before FCC had those sections so I can’t speak to them. But I imagine you are going to need some outside resources. Read the docs. Find some tutorials on youtube. That’s basically how I learned them. That and struggling to write a lot of bad apps before I got to the good ones.

And Dan’s comment that you don’t always need Redux. Dan Abramov, the guy that invented Redux, says as much himself. I would focus on React and get strong in that. Your apps will keep getting bigger and then at some point you are going to think, “Passing data and callbacks up and down the component tree is driving me crazy!” That’s when you’ll be ready for Redux.