A job after 6 months

helloo guys !
so simply , i want to get my first job as a web developer after six months from now i am willing to learn coding everyday for 6-10 hours daily i have free time… :smiley:
hmmm so i was looking for some advice or more courses that i can learn during that time
i want to be full stack web developer i know some of you will say that i wouldn’t be an expert but i am just looking to get my first job after that time …
so my questions are :
is it possible ?
what do you advise me to do ?
and thank you and sorry if my English is not perfect

It can be, but its going to be very difficult to gain the knowledge, build experience, and find the right job in that amount of time.

6 months is not a lot of time. Just to put into perspective, 6 months is 4380 hours. If you sleep, eat, and live half the time you end up with roughly 2000 hours (just to make calculations easier). If we take the old saying “it takes 10k hours to become an expert at something” I’d say 6 months will get you 20% to being an expert at whatever you focus on. I’d say you’d end up in the realm of “adequate” at whatever you focus on, as long as you are an efficient learner.

So going back to your original goal full stack developer job in 6 months, getting a full stack developer job in 6 months is going to be difficult. The main problem is the amount of stuff you need to learn, and get familiar with. To make your 6 month deadline you will need to more or less cut corners, focus on what is important, and retain as much as possible.

This probably means building stuff from scratch at least half the time. If you walk into an interview and say you have 6 months of experience, your odds plummet. However, if after you said “I have 6 months experience building full stack web applications from the ground up” people will listen because that’s damn impressive. There is no getting around from the fact you will end up with officially 6 months of experience after 6 months, so filling that time with respectable knowledge and experience is paramount to any job opportunities.

You can’t spend 5 months watching tutorials until you start building something because you will realize your behind on what you need to know to do as such. Likewise if you go out and start applying for jobs in 6 months and you don’t know of half of the requirements you run into, you are again “behind schedule”.

Go out at look at the jobs and positions you plan on applying for. Lookup what being a full stack web developer entails. Understand what people are looking for and focus as much as possible at getting those skills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, regardless of how much time you have, learning solo has the sheer disadvantage of not looking good on paper. If you lack a degree, many companies instantly wont even look at your resume due to automated screening. If you lack any relevant job history, you also could be screened. If you lack anywhere near the required experience, you also may get screened early in the process. You want to put “all your chips” on what you have done in that amount of time, where you can show off what you have done, and how quickly you have done it. I’m not saying its easy, but it seems like the most sensible route.

The odds are against you, but they are not impossible, good luck!