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Hi everyone
How can I become a full stack web developer? Will I get a entry level job remote or local in full stack developer or I have to start as a front end developer then change into full stack ? And which is better front end or full stack ?

Hi @Ashik1820160 !

Start by building a few full stack applications and develop an understanding of how the frontend and backend work together.
The goal of an entry level job is not become an expert.
That takes years of work and serious study.

The goal is to build a strong starting foundation and demonstrate that you can learn on the job.
If a potential employer sees potential for growth and the ability to pick up new things on the job, then they will take a chance on you.

I would suggest go through the first 6 certifications which covers full stack javascript. That will give you a good starting foundation to grow from.
From there, build your own projects outside of a course.

When it comes to landing a job, I would suggest watching Leon Noel’s video

He provides practical advice on what you need to do when it comes to applications, tech interviews, networking and more.

For your first job, I would suggest being open to either option.
Getting that first job is the hardest.
So I wouldn’t close off your options at this point.

I work remotely and really love it.
But it does require very strong communication skills and being able to work well on a team since there is no physical office.

Some companies are leary of hiring juniors for remote work because of this.

Since this is your first dev job, I would suggest being open to either full stack or frontend.
There is flexibility in your career to move around to different areas.
It is totally possible to start off in frontend and move into more “full stack” later on.

Better is a very subjective term.

At the end of the day it really depends on where you prefer to work in.
Once you start working on real business applications, you will start to learn where your interests lie and what areas you want to pursue.

Hope that helps!


“full stack” just means you have knowledge and skills that allow you to program [UI] for client applications (ie what a user sees when they open a web application in a browser) and program for server applications (ie an application that runs on a computer somewhere that the client application connects to, so could be literally anything else that isn’t an app/website in a browser).

Lots of things overlap there in terms of programming knowledge, but equally lots of things work differently. So there is specialist knowledge required for both aspects.

There isn’t a “better”. It’s naturally much harder to be “full stack” than it is to just specialise in one thing, but as time goes and knowledge increases people tend to get more familiar with both sides even when not deliberately trying to. As @jwilkins.oboe says, FCC will provide basic knowledge of both aspects via the curriculum.

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Thank you so much for your advice

Thank you very much ,

Most people will specialize in something first. Become an EXPERT in front-end. Get hired as front-end. Pick up backend as you work… full stack (TRUE full stack) will take many years, and is better learned on the job. So says people who have worked as a dev for many years.

Frankly, I would worry more about your studies than what job title you can land, or which “is better.” There is no better. Full stack, of course, means you have more skills… but this sounds like someone more concerned with what’s shiny than actually developing your skills to a point you’re truly employable. Keep learning and practicing. Realistically, you will put in years of study and freelance work before getting a full-time role. Don’t listen to online courses advertising how quickly someone got a job - those are rare, and usually involve a lot of ‘fine print.’ Expect it to be a couple years of solid study and building things before you are ready for a full-time job working with complex codebases multiple people are constantly updating that drives a business’s profitability.

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It takes years of practical experience to become an expert in the front end. Don’t wait to become a front ext ‘expert’ before leaning more about web development in a broader context. A more rounded perspective will help you be a more attractive job candidate and a more capable engineer. Focus your practice, but learn about the full stack.

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