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Recently I have finished my undergraduate studies in computer science and engineering .now i want to get a job in this field after searching so many career paths i have decided to become a full stack web developer . I am a beginner and for backend in web devoloper which language will be best for me ,so can you please give me some advice regarding front end and back end which is best or should i go for both and career advice in this field and how to become successful. and Thank you

Check out Brad Traversy’s video Web Development In 2022 - A Practical Guide. He covers the languages and technologies needed for front and back-end.

If you want to be a web developer, then I would focus on JavaScript. It would probably be a good idea to become familiar with a popular frontend framework like Angular, React, or Vue - it doesn’t matter which one.

That said, with a CS degree many companies will be willing to interview/hire you even if you don’t have experience in the specific language that they are using. It’s fairly common to let recent college graduates choose which language to interview in.

thank you so much for the info

should i build my career in both in front end and back end i mean as a full stack devoleper or should i focus on only front end or only back end .

It depends on your personal preference. While you are focusing on learning and practicing, it would probably make sense to build a fullstack app with a NodeJS backend. That way you can at least understand the important aspects of each piece.

last question is how many months does it take for one to become a pro and when to apply for a job

How long is a piece of string?

You can’t become a “pro” without experience, that’s not really possible. So the best you can do is to learn enough to be able to get your foot in the door at an entry level. There is a glut of people with entry-level knowledge and the majority of jobs are not entry-level. So getting over that first hurdle is hard, and it normally takes a long time.

Once that happens, it becomes exponentially easier to get work, because experience is the most important hiring metric by a very long way.

Conservatively, probably looking at a few years, but it could be much faster (based on luck, or an innate ability, or ability to translate existing knowledge to programming, or a multitude of other factors).

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Thank you so much for your advice

@kernix thnx for the fantastic resource. I think this will be very helpful to people like myself that are transitioning to the arena of Web Dev/Software Dev. Looking for the opportunity of a new career in this area can be daunting, truly like a Lego project that has Thousands of pieces…
Thanks again,

Full-stack jobs are only for small companies and start-ups. They involve more work and don’t pay as well. Generally speaking those are the “dirty” jobs that noone wants. There’s a lot of micro-management going on, and everyone has to do everything. Only resort to a job in a tiny company if you really don’t have any other choice.

No multinational company will hire you for fullstack web development, they’ll hire for frontend or backend. Check LinkedIn for local job opportunities.

Full stack is just a meme that bootcamps promote for marketing purposes. Focus on frontend first and then migrate towards backend if you like it more, but dont try to learn both before your first job, you’ll just sabotage yourself.

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Wow. That’s pretty wrong. I’m not sure where you got that information, but I know many full stack developers who are making good money working at different companies.

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i cant speak from expericence but i think that html javascript and css are prob the best languges for you i would foucus on what ever the particular company you want to be hired by needs so good luck happy coding and i hope you get a good job that you are happy with!!!


I got that information after 2 years of working in the field and after hundreds of hours of job hunting when I was looking for a job.

The fact that you have first hand experience that indicates otherwise does not make what I said wrong, it means you have a different opinion than me with which I completely disagree.

Ah, that adds context. The perspective of one junior dev is going to be very different than the perspectives of multiple senior devs. You just don’t have the breadth of knowledge about the industry. That’s OK, but it doesn’t make your opinion fact. Also, your experience is likely specific to your job market.

Reasonable fullstack jobs with good pay do, in fact, exist.

i think this is getting a little heated maybe you guys should calm down (im also really bad at reading people through messegaes so if im wrong pls let me know and i dont mean to be rude)

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I never stated my opinion as a fact, it was my opinion. I have my opinion and you don’t agree with it. You have your opinion and I don’t agree with it.

Difference is I didn’t feel like telling you you were wrong.

I also don’t appreciate the not-so-subtle way of trying to diminish me and my point, as if you know better, especially since we don’t know each other. My work experience as a dev is not a crystal clear indicator of my skill or my real-life experiences.

Full stack jobs with good pay do exist, they are just not worth going the extra mile, because they don’t pay better than strict frontend or backend jobs.

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This is the sort of thing you are asserting as fact without any evidence. It just isn’t true. It might be true in your specific job market or your experience in junior role, but it is not a fact in the way you are asserting it.

Also not actually true.

Totally depends upon the company.

Definitely not true.

Totally depends upon the company.

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guys please calm down and talk like you dont hate eachother becuase it is kind of dumb that you guys are about to have a war over opinions

I’m calm, thanks. I’m just pointing out some assertions that don’t hold true for all jobs and job markets.