Best skills to be able to work remotely


What are the best programming languages to land a job with a good salary (over $2K per month FULL-TIME) remotely ?

I already have a Master in Information Systems and I am learning right now HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to become a full-stack programmer…Any advices ? Thank you

HTML CSS JS, is sufficient to get a decent job.

I have seen a lot of jobs requiring Java instead of Javascript…Is that a trend?

I doubt there is just one if it’s fullstack

Fullstack developers will need to know JavaScript and the very least a modern front-end frameworks like Angular or React, HTML and CSS are a given. They also are required to know at least SQL and/or a NoSQL database and one of the backend /middleware technologies like JS express/Python Django/Java Spring.

On a pure distribution level, there will be a lot more Java than JavaScript jobs because most enterprises build their production system on Java for performance, scalablity, and reliability reasons. Once these companies have established system that works well, then they tend to prefer maintaining the status quo and incrementally improve rather than having to constantly re-write and reinvent their systems.

Javascript is the language of the web, but Java is the language of businesses

So you would rather advise someone to focus on Java instead of Javascript?

Not exactly, realize that being a full stack developer means you need to be well versed in both the front-end and back-end.

Javascript is an essential part of developing the front-end, so more than likely, you need to be well versed in more than one language

Do consider Java when learning the back-end because a lot of enterprises hires Java developers, but as I’ve pointed out in another post. what matters in back-end development isn’t as much the language rather the concepts. If you understand the concepts, it doesn’t take you very long to pick up solutions in another language, it is just the matter of picking the right tool

thank you for answering :slight_smile: