Front-End Development

I will like to know in details what it takes to be a front end developer?

I think it depends.
If you are more design-oriented, you need good knowledge of html, CSS and other tools that will make your design easier (SASS, Bootstrap) and enough Javascript (and possibly jQuery) to create forms, animations and things like that. I think that’s a good start if what you want to do is make cool looking websites. Of course a good eye for design and some notions of UX design are a must too. You should also know how to use the proper tools (text editor or IDE) and some knowledge of git.

If you are more interested in the programming aspect and building complex apps, you need a strong basis in javascript and experience with at least one javascript library or framework. (React, Angular, Angular2, etc.). Of course you also need to know your html and CSS, tools of the trade and git. If you are working with a framework or library, some knowledge of the tools associated with that is a good idea (something like webpack). You should also be able to use NPM (or Yarn? I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks cool!)

In terms of the FCC curriculum, I think the front-end certification plus the React section are a good start. That, plus learning Git and learning to use a code editor or IDE.

Edited to add: I am working more on the programming side of things (I suck at design!) so someone else might have a better idea of what it takes for the design side of things.

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