I need an advice about Web Development roadmap

It’s been a while since I started to make the freecodecamp certificates and pratice with little projects by myself with the goal to become a web developer and get in a future a job as front end developer, I got and Associate Degree in Science, specifically in the tech field

The problem is that I dont have experience in the field yet, I mean working with a Tech Company, I am building my portfolio with those little projects, my goal is to finished all the certificates in order until the Relational Database Certificate

Do you guys think I have good chances to get a job as a Web Developer once I finished and get prepared the interviews in the future?

Thank you, I will appreciate an opinion

I guess, I am a little confused here. Are you actually working for a company, or are you a contractor just helping out? What work are you doing? Are you allowed to use those projects for your portfolio? I know for my job, there is no discussing the projects we do outside our team or company.

Free Code Camp is not enough to get you job ready, and I am not sure what future is here. Is it 5 months? 5 weeks? 5 years? Its not clear what your goals are, or do you not have a time in mind yet? Like By the end of 2024 are you planning to be start looking for jobs or?

Free code camp gives you a good foundation of the basics, but its up to yourself to keep learning, and building projects. If you can use those work projects then that definitely helps

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No Cody_Biggs, I didn’t mean that, I am learning and bulding some personal projects by myself, I am not working for any company, I said that I dont have any experience, and I need advise about if the freecodecamp courses are enough to learn all the necesary to be contracted by a company in a future, thanks for your response anyway


Got it. I read it wrong, as you didn’t have any experience in the in web development, but you were working for a tech company that you could use projects for your web development journey. Apologies for that, but no Free Code Camp will not be enough for you to land a job. There is a lot that FCC does not teach that you would still have to learn. Like I said, Free code camp is good for basics, but you will have to work on more stuff on your own.

For this I suggest looking at local job offering near your area, and see what skills are in demand right now. Then you can adjust your learning to meet the most in demand skills needed for these jobs. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to meet every bullet point on a job description. That is more of like a wishlist for the hiring company, but if you build up your skills and are confident in what you can do and meet around 80% of what the company is asking for then I would say feel free to apply

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As a front-end engineer, i can agree with most of comments here. I think the best option for a web career in order to get the first job is to have a nice portfólio. I mean do real job challenges and try to grow and understand how your work has a impact in the clients that will use it.

Sure everybody will tell you things that you will forget tomorrow, but here are a public repository with multiple challenges.
felipefialho/frontend-challenges: A public list of open-source challenges from companies around the world (github.com)

take 5 and do it. Most of them require knowing a Single Page Application library/framework, such as React, Angular, Vue etc.

The steps to becoming a web engineer in a career based in React library is


The plus are Next.js and is nice to know Redux.


Researching local job offerings and understanding the skills in demand is a great approach to identifying the areas you need to focus on. Tailoring your learning to meet the most in-demand skills can increase your chances of landing a job.

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