Proper guide to becoming a web developer

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I am a graduate of Computer science currently interning with in Nigeria. I recently picked up an interest in web development after meeting some really amazing web developers and getting to know the amazing things they have done.

QUESTIONS: What’s the proper path to becoming a web developer ? What do I need to know ? What language(s) do I need to learn first ?

I am asking because I am really interested in web development and i have taken online courses on HTML & CSS at Codeacademy and FCC. I have also watched some tutorials from bucky roberts.

NB: Before now, my major area was computer hardware & networking

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Hi @churchceo, I think this guide by @P1xt might be the answer to your question.
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The standard answer to that question is: learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
You came to the right place. The challenges here at Free Code Camp will introduce you to these concepts even if you don’t know anything about them.
I also strongly recommend for great tuturials on these topics. There are many more but I don’t want to overwhelm you.
Good luck!


There is no ‘one true path’ into Web development, but you already have a pretty good Ace up your sleeve with the Comp Sci degree.

The basics are:

  • Build a great portfolio
  • Apply for jobs
  • Network with other developers
  • Get a job

You can read many success stories in the ‘Getting a developer job’ category, where former campers describe the process they went through. It’s different for everyone, but putting yourself out there is the key element they all have in common.


Probably middle to near the end of last year someone posted this Front End Handbook which isn’t a path or curriculum, but more so a good resource

I feel like it might help answer some of the questions you have…



if you have learn HTML, JavaScript and Css now take more practice to master all materials , start develop your own projects

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Hlo, are you doing in nigeria hope every thing is fine , i am also a nigerian but i am not recently in nigeria how is every thing going on FCC ,will like to to tall me more about you.