Ways or Places to Practice

Hello Everyone,

I am curious if you have noted sites or ways that you practice coding while going through the course structure.

I am starting this FCC course again as I stopped before for a Job I had received. Jobs going great so now I’m back at FCC to pick up the hobby and have a backup plan.

Anyway so I am through the HTML basics and moved on to the CSS portion. I was curious what ways you suggest to practice prior to jumping straight into the Projects.


For css I found this list of games: https://whatpixel.com/css-learning-games/

For JavaScript I like codewars, but there are also various others, like also the the last section of the fcc curriculum with the interview prep challenges


Okay great, thank you for that input I’ll be sure to bookmark them and get to them as I can to help move my new found hobby along.

I’d recommend practicing Javascript via sites like codewars, or leetcode, or FCC. HTML and CSS are harder to “train” since they are heavily reliant on the circumstances.

I recommend just jumping into the projects and learning as you go. There wont be a point where you can fly thru the project because you know 100% of whats going on with CSS+HTML, so waiting for that knowledge, or point by training is more a waste of time.

The difference is as simple as “I need to do X with CSS, how do I do that” rather than “I need to know X because I will need to use it”. The first case is what you run into when working on a project, the second is you just guessing what you will want/need to know and trying to memorize it.


Alright, that makes sense.

I just have to adjust some ways of learning in that case. In my current career field you don’t fully jump in until you are more than apt in what you do. This is due to not putting lives in danger. The entire time you are training you have someone standing behind you to override you at any second.

But yes I’ll just jump right in and test things out. Should be fun.

codecademy.com has free HTML and CSS projects.

Their style is a little different, so I have cycled back and forth with them a few times. I’ve paid for 2 months of their premium, which is pretty good. I consider it worth my money, even considering my goal is no(lowest possible) cost.


You could try:

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That’s one of the main reasons I believe anyone can learn to code/program is you only need the following:

  1. Time
  2. Grit
  3. Internet connection

There are tons of free resources out there to learn from, reference, and use. So as long as you have the time to learn, the grit to stick with it, and an internet connection to access all these resources nothing can prevent you from learning how to code.

Failure is very cheap when it comes to most things with web development. (stuff like security is not included :wink: ) There’s a saying in silicon valley about startups that can also be applied here, its “Fail fast and fail often”. Failing and running into issues is very cheap (takes up some time and patience) but nothing replaces experience, and with so much to learn, its best to take the “most efficient” approach to use your time :slight_smile:


Thank You. I’ll definitely book mark these.

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Hey, I appreciate the input. I’ll be putting in time more time and effort for sure. I’m hoping to be able to set aside at least 5 to 7 hours a week.

This is not a move for a new career as I’m happy with where I am and honestly Programming is not even remotely related to my job. So this is entirely a hobby as of right now.

Alright, I’ll look into that as well. Anything that allows me to expand and practice even getting different view points as you said by cycling back and forth between multiple sites gives you more incite on various avenues to tackle projects/problems.

I use the sololearn app on my phone. I do the same topic I am working on with FCC and it helps reinforce the material.