Stuck starting tribute page

Hi there!

I just wanted to share my current experience/roadblocks and see if this is the right path…

I have huge troubles figuring out where to start. I think this is because I try to solve everything at once, so I’m trying to break it down into smaller pieces.

Another thing, is it bad I keep referring back to the lessons? I honestly can’t remember the things I’ve learned or just the general syntax. But upon opening the page, I can instantly remember and apply it.

Any feedback would be great!

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Hey, I think maybe you’re being a bit too hard on yourself? Everyone has felt that way before undoubtedly at multiple points in their journey. I’m not sure who told you that you need to understand exactly how things work and do everything from memory, but no one is expecting you to do that right now (and maybe not ever). FCC even says to read-search-ask if you get stuck… implying that you should be using whatever resources you can to get the project done (except copying someone else’s work of course).

The only way to remember things that you learn in monkey-see monkey-do coding exercises is to actually apply it towards creating things. That is 100% where the real work happens. If you get stuck on something… read documentation, search through stack overflow, look back at a previous exercise, or on FCC forums for potential answers. If this feels like cheating, it’s not. I’m almost certain this is how most people learn to code.

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personally, i find it easy to get overwhelmed knowing that there are HEAPS to learn.
but what i found most effective is not just trying to break it down to smaller pieces, but to acknowledge that those little goals’ will lead me to the bigger picture and that is a competent programmer. i also need to be patient with my own learning style and speed because there’s no point to keep going thru new content if i didn’t completely take in what i was learning in the first place.

so be patient, learn steadily and give yourself milestones.

after going thru milestones, practice practice practice without looking at your previous codes.

stick and master the basics first and fundamentals. get the foundation right and the rest should follow through.

all the best!

Thank you both for your feedback. As you said, maybe it is just being too hard on myself and having different learning expectations compared to when I was in school. Will keep going with what you had in mind, maybe with some cheating (learning from other people’s code after trying myself), and will see from there!

Thank you all