Struggling still with Tribute Page

Hi guys :smiley:

So I decided to try restarting my tribute page and I managed to complete the first step but got stuck for two days onto the second step lol for some reason all the lessons I learned i seem to have already forgotten or didn’t absorb. I’ve tried to redo the lessons but I noticed that I’ve been getting more and more discouraged. I went from studying everyday for 4 hours to studying an hour every other day because of how frustrating and tiring it can get figuring out codes. I am wondering I contemplated skipping HTML & CSS projects and jumping into Javascript but I don’t want to feel like I missed out on the projects, as frustrating as it is.
Any suggestions? :stuck_out_tongue: I also thought about codecademy or udemy as an option but I love the fact that free code camp is free and there’s a lot of resources for help etc without having to pay subscriptions.

Any tips? :slight_smile: Thanks

you are not going to miss much at this time, as JavaScript is a completely different thing, not based on HTML/CSS (they will be combined later)
but it will not get better, JavaScript is a programming language, where not only there is a lot of new syntax, but also you need to learn the logic to solve algortithms

frustration is normal in programming, as in, it’s a normal state of being.

My suggestion is, take a break, and apply Read-Search-Ask method, if you need variety you can start the JS curriculum while you work on your projects. But remember, ask for help when you need it.

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Awesome Ieahleen I really appreciate your advice! I will take some break and apply that method, I can only hope it will do me more good and expand my learning.
Thanks again!

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