Built Tribute form but wanting more

Hi everyone!

So here’s where i’m at. I had built a tribute page but relied on a mixture of youtube and other resources such as google. However, I felt unfulfilled, almost as though I copied the youtube version and added a bit of twist. I had posted about this in the forum before and got some really amazing tips! I tried to do it on my own without help but was always stuck on the first step. I then redid the html css course, and yet when I went back to restart the tribute page, i still feel stuck. I’m slowly getting discouraged but at the same time, I know being persistent and consistent is key.
Now I came across another youtube video doing a walkthrough on the tribute page and noticed that the video stated that it’s to help with folks building a tribute page.
Before I proceeded with the video I wanted to reach out to you guys to see, that if I use Youtube as aid to build my tribute page, are there any tips on how to strengthen my memory and understand better in html and css? The CSS is what I struggle more than html but regardless, I still struggle in both still. It’s been about a month into coding too.

Any input will be appreciated! I don’t want to feel discouraged and want to still keep coding :slight_smile: I wanna be a junior software developer

HI @Sherif123 !

The goal is not to do everything by yourself without help. You just don’t want to become overly dependent on youtube tutorials.

I just think you need a new approach.

I wouldn’t keep remaking the same tribute page over and over again.
I would suggest moving onto the next project.

This time, make sure to ask more questions when you get stuck.
Also, look through old forum posts.

These projects have been made hundreds of times.
Tons of discussions have been brought up on how to build these projects.

I think you need to learn how to research better and that will give you more confidence to build these projects.

Research is an important skill for a developer. :grinning:

Thank you for your advice! I totally agree! I also think i’m getting a bit discouraged because I’ve been so fixated on html and css and trying to familiarize with it, not realizing I can just skip the projects and carry on to Javascript lol. I definitely have some working to do :S

Well, I don’t think you should skip projects.
I just don’t want you to remake the same projects over and over again.

You learn a lot more through projects than challenges.

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