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So yesterday I started with the Tribute page challenge, and wohoo, looks very tough.
I’d like to get in touch with the community up to this point because I feel it’s a nice moment to do so.
My approach (I have no experience at all except for the previous exercises here) was to copy paste the example given by the platform and readjust it. What about you? Any hint?

Good luck to everybody at the same page!

please don’t do that, you should do the project on your own starting from scratch
if you take the example page and change small things you are both robbing yourself from a precious learning possibility and going against the Academic Honesty Pledge you have to agree to

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Hi Ilenia! Ups looks like i’ve missed an important point!
Ok thanks :slight_smile: I’ll do my best.

Ps: Can you tell me how to get the page tested when i finish with coding? I didn’t understand how to do it…

use the template given below the user stories, it will have the test suite included
the test suite is an hamburger menu in the top left corner of the project, select the project you are doing from the drop down menu, press Run the tests to run the tests , and on the result for more infos on which tests are failing

Hi @albertocuteri88 !

Welcome to the forum!

It is normal to feel this way.
The challenges are very different from building projects.
My advice would be to break up the project into small tasks and complete one task at a time.
Start by just focusing on html and tackling the user stories one at a time.
Then once all of the tests are passing you can work on the css.

You have already heard that is a bad idea.
The goal of the projects is to learn how to research, ask questions and debug error messages.
You won’t learn that by copying someone else’s code.

It is normal to struggle with your first few projects.
But just take it one step at a time.

If you get stuck then you can come to the forum and ask questions.

Hope that helps!

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