Create a tribute page, general problem

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So, i am not sure if it is the right topic, but i am stuck here so, might be.
To tell the story short, i am 26 years old, i decided to change my profession to programming ( decided to start with html/css and then move on to javascript(can not do that yet lol) ) but the problem is that, ive finished the basic tutorials and challenges on the /learn section for html and css, ive also done a few full video tutorials from udemy on html and css, but now i have to make this tribute page, i feel like i am lost, i do not know where to start, what to do and else… I am very anxious. anyone been in this situation and found a solution? Thank you.

Stay calm , start write the html structure and then style the tags with css. If you don’t have the knowledge about how it is an html structure I suggest to you that re-watch the lessons in the FCC learining section!!

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it is normal.
You don’t need to do this as an exam.
This is the time to practice, and learn how to do stuff.
Go review the challenges, go review your notes (some like to take notes), google stuff.

the tribute page is pretty easy, it doesn’t have to be spectacular, or on any sensational topic. You can take a random wikipedia page and do a tribute page on that.

your part is the code. it is all stuff you have already seen, and it is normal to not remember most stuff.
Just go forward one user story at a time.

create a codepen account, fork the provided pen with the test suite, and start with the first user story (something about an element with id of main that includes all other elements I think), you can do the first one!

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i think i cooled down a bit and started to write something. Thank you guys, i hope i hope i can do it! :smiley: laterrr

I also just started learning and I’m 22 years old.
I just made the tribute page yesterday.Its only hard as long as you don’t start.
Good Luck!