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hi friends. i am new in here and its about times i get tested to create a tribute page. can somebody assist me, lead me by the hand and guide me do this thing. email is or facebook welcome mpangane. please help i wanna master it and smart way too

If you need any specific help you are welcome to post in the forum and people will be happy to help you

I am not sure it will be easy to find someone that will be able to give you complete assistance, but you can always post in the forum with your specific issue and the link to your codepen and people will help you

ieahleen hi. i need an interactive way of communicating or i will just ask randomly. how did you complete your tribute page. can i please get your coding on dr norman so i copy? its a part of learning isnt it?

If you want to see completed tribute pages you can take a look at the #project-feedback section here, but no, copying other people work is not part of the learning process. It is also a violation of the academic pledge you need to take to get the certificates.
The Tribute Page should be your original work. But if you get stuck and need help in going forward you are always welcome to ask for help.

About an interactive way, there are slack or discord channels where freecodecamp members hang out if you may be interested

Just to be clear, looking at other people’s code is fine, and encouraged as part of the learning process. It’s just wholesale copying that’s considered plagiarism in violation of the academic honesty policy. But still, there are dozens if not hundreds of “tribute pages” to Dr. Borlaug, many of which are exact copies of the FCC example, so any further tribute pages on the subject of Borlaug are not just tiresome to look at once again, they’re automatically suspect.

Hint, the tribute page doesn’t really have to be “tribute”. Just make it about any subject you like at all, as long as it passes the automated tests.

ohk then i think i should ask what is bothering me. i need to code the title like they did and the image the way they inserted. lastly the buttons they have inserted, the heart, fork, fcc tribute page. thier code and how to align them i will do the rest.

You don’t need to do everything exactly like that, you just need to respect the user stories

ohk let me what i can. Thnk you guys for your inputs, let me fail miserably

Failing is the first step toward success!

Good luck with your journey

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As others have said, don’t feel you need to copy the tribute page exactly. It’s only a rough guide…as long as you meet the user story criterias you will be fine. The tribute page is easy enough to learn with some basic knowledge. I suggest watching TraversyMedia’s HTML and CSS playlist on YouTube for a step-by-step guide ot building basic web pages and go from there. What I will say is you will never fully learn anything if all you do is copy the code. Read other people’s code…understand it…read it…understand it…read it…understand it then write your own. This is the way to learn.

Hi what i need to know from now is, once i am done coding, where do i submit it? the process of submiting the url? i need to know step by step.

When you have completed a page, you put the URL to it at the bottom of the page for that project. In the case of the tribute page, that would be here:

Before submitting it though, I recommend you first make a post in the “Project Feedback” category in this forum and post the URL there.