Needing Help With A Tribute Page

I’ve been working on the Tribute page using
Building FreeCodeCamp’s Tribute Page – Code Feenicks (

as a guideline and basis, however about halfway through their walkthrough I tried to run a test and only met 1/10 of the requirements.

I’m wondering if anyone has a better or more appropriate walkthrough or step-by-step guideline to help hold my hand through this procedure as I find it difficult to just create everything by scratch.

Thank you!

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

You will learn more if you just try to do it on your own. I would just start on user story #1 and work your way through it. If you run into trouble, check back.

And I wouldn’t worry too much if all the tests don’t pass as you’re building it. Sometimes things are dependent on other things and sometimes parsing errors can throw off the tests. I mean, checking the tests as you go can be a good strategy, but also take it with a grain of salt.

Lo que yo hice fue hacer un wireframe a mano (un dibujo basico de mi pagina con lapiz)
dibujando cuadrados para cada seccion de mi pagina y luego empece a tratar de hacer esa estructura con grid. Me resulto mucho mas facil hacerlo asi.

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