Can anyone help me for building a tribute page

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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shouldn’t that be like a project you are to build yourself to claim your certificate??

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or you mean you need a sample perhaps

If you don’t build it , how will you learn? Plus the instructions are very clear. You don’t need to have a perfect UI design for that. What free code camp cares about is the fact you follow their instructions. That’s it.


yes i need some sample

I suggest checkout some youtube tutorials about building simplest web pages, do few projects along with author.

Once you’ve confidence and understood what steps author has taken and why; come back to FCC and build your own project.

Remember only 1 thing "PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. . … " without that you can’t gain confidence


i cant able to fininsh the program for building a tribute page

Thanks for your suggestion sir

yeah sure sir. Thank you

Post a link to your Codepen so we can see what you have now. We can help you finish it.

You should not just look at other people’s code (and definitely not copy code). This challenge is your first step into creating a page from scratch on your own. We can help, but the process you have to go through is an important one and one you should not rob yourself of by getting the “wrong” type of help.

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Hi @murali77 !

Welcome to the forum!

I think a lot of beginners think their first project has to be perfect and that’s why they follow project tutorials or heavily rely on FCC samples.

But that misses the whole point of learning.

When you are learning anything new, you are going to make tons of mistakes and your first few attempts will be rough around the edges.

Just try to tackle one user story at a time.
If you don’t understand something, ask questions and do research.

Then you can create a very simple style that you can call your own.

Once you have more practice building projects from scratch, then your work and understanding of the materials will become stronger. :grinning:

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@lasjorg . I don’t mean he should copy the code. I meant he should observe from it. He is asking for for an example. Something he needs to see to help him understand what to do. I’m honestly not okay copying people’s code. I like to be original. If I can’t solve it I leave it till I solve it. That’s what he’s asking for. It’s like reading an open source code to help you code better that’s all.

@miraking Unfortunately, that is often the unintended side-effect of doing just that.

They do not need to look at other projects to finish this challenge, they just need a little help. Which we can give if they post their project link so we can see it.

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Ok. I understand. I will delete that post.

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@miraking You really do not have to do that, but I appreciate you understand the potential issue. You made it clear in your first post that you understand the point of the challenge is to learn, and you told them they should build it to learn.

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Yeah. And that’s the more reason to delete it. When I posted that, I didn’t see it from your perspective. But when you posted it and explained it clearly. I realised it was possible. Plus some times people tend to go for the easy solution copying the code in the process loosing a lot of benefits like developing problem solving skills. And I don’t want to be the reason people would loose that by that single post. But it’s all good. He’s in good hands now.

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