I need a help on the project chanllage, as for easy of the following challanges of building a project do we change totally starting a new s

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I need a help on the project challenge, as for each of the following objects on those challenges of building a project do we change totally starting to my onw head , wish is kind of editing from the editor,? Second question, Editing a complete code or maybe even added a some of the more code or some idea that you suggest or must i start from the scratch?

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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I’m sorry, but I am not understanding your question.

You can fork the starter FCC project in CodePen. You can build your own project from scratch in CodePen. You can use some other online IDE. You can build it locally on your own computer, but then you’ll have to find some place to host it.

As the the page, it does not have to be exactly what the example is. You can build a tribute page to anyone or thing you want. It just has to be a “tribute page”, it has to meet the requirements, and it has to work/look reasonably well (though we understand that you are still learning).

Does that help?

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Yes it really helps me a lot. Thnks you :+1:

Please i have one more question actually looking at that hint’s makes me understand what challenge’s solution is helping get more of the solution was that a cheat or part of the learning process improvement?

You learn a lot more from struggling with it. If you need a hint, that’s one thing. Looking at the answer is obviously not good. The more you do by yourself, the better. And don’t be afraid to ask the forum if you need a hint, need clarification, or need someone to explain why something didn’t work.

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