I dont know what i am supposed to do in this project

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi @Majheat !

Can you explain what part is giving you trouble?

the whole steps feels confusing

The project is to build a tribute page on anyone you want.

oh, ok thanks for telling me

Your task is to pick a subject and create a tribute about them.

You can choose any subject you like.
A celebrity, historical figure, your dog.
The subject matter is completely up to you.

The next step is to figure out where you are going to build this project.
If you have a favorite code editor like VS code or atom, then you can choose that.

If not, that is totally fine.
You can just build it in codepen and submit that.

Here is the link for codepen

Create a free account and starting building your project with this template

Once you pick a subject matter, then you will need to pass a set of tests.
These tests are called user stories.

You can find the list of user stories on the challenge page

Read through the user stories, one at a time and build it out slowly using html.

If you get stuck, research and ask questions.

Do not copy the sample!

Build your own project.
That is how you will learn.

Hope that helps!

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