Need help with starting the Tribute Page

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What are the basics I need to know to start building this Tribute Page? I was assisted during my learning activities and now I feel lost since I will be starting this first project on my own. It’s quite overwhelming.

Patiently waiting for a response,
Thank you!

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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The basics you’ll need to know were taught in the curriculum. If you had assistance and feel uncertain maybe go through the curriculum again, without any assistance.
While doing so, get the lesson(s) to pass but after that you can play with the lesson. Try something that was taught and change it a little and see what happens.

Each of the projects will be a step in your progress. They will require research, planning and trial and error. The projects will strengthen your skills beyond what you learned in the challenges.


Thank you so much for responding back!
I knew I had to go back to the lessons again and start build up from there but was hesitant. This response helps me to push forward.
Thanks again!