How to effectively go through the curriculum

hello I want to really learn how to code and I just started , I have been going through the
responsive web design and I find myself learning a lot of new concepts back to back and there is no way for me to retain this amount of info this quickly so I’m asking
how did you go through the curriculum ?
is this normal ? if so do I just keep going back to each section ?
and if you have any other tips or resources I could use alongside fcc I would really appreciate the help
thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day

Welcome ^^
You don’t need to remember everything, but just understand it and be able to look up whatever you might forget. Resources like are a great place, as well as documentations or just Google.


Try keeping notes you can always make reference to… is another good resource.


thank you a lot for the advice i appreciate it.

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Are you currently going through the beta course or the current course?

Beta is better to make concepts stick as there’s more repetition


You’ll look things up a lot when you’re starting out. Whether you prefer to look them up by going back to a previous lesson, googling them, or keeping your own notes as you go is totally up to you. The way you reduce the amount of time you spend looking things up is by using them. Once you start working on projects (you can start now!) in addition to covering lessons the more it will “stick”.

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Super rad resource that I would have completely missed. Thank you.

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I didn’t assume that I was going to retain all of it. Crap, if I took a day off, I would feel really confused when I came back trying to differentiate between classes, styles, ids and the like. So I picked up a couple of books on HTML5 and CSS. Haven’t needed them yet, but I am sure to need them when I do my projects. gl

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