Going back through curriculum

I’m contemplating going back through the Responsive Web Design section again. I’m in the projects section right now and don’t feel like I understand what I’m doing as well as I should. Has anyone gone back through it? I didn’t take notes the first time. I’m considering going back through and taking more detailed notes the second time. Anyway… suggestions? Good idea or bad idea?


Tbh, it’s not a bad idea. Your first time through you were trying to absorb everything and not sure how to search for things or how it would all come together in the ‘big picture’. Once you started doing some of the projects you had one, two or quite a few “ah-ha” moments. That’s a good thing. You’re seeing how it all comes together. It’s okay to take notes on concepts but it’s also good to know that you can Google things too. Every developer I know uses Google at least once a day. You’ll remember a lot eventually but you’ll also remember just a basic part of other things and so you’ll be able to put together a good enough Google search phrase that you’ll get your answer in the first one or two that pop up.
In my other post to you I referenced wesbos.com/courses. A lot of his stuff is now free and they are quick to go through and expand on things that you’ve learned here at FCC.

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Well, if notes help you to understand better do it
But don’t take notes to remember better, use the documentation: MDN, this and also googling things

If you don’t remember something search for it and then use it - you will remember the things you use more often

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I don’t take notes. I just try to figure it out as I work on things. Some things aren’t worth remembering, some are. It all depends on what you need the most. Since we aren’t sure what we will need, its better to be able to adapt to the existing situation.

Going thru the design sections again will help you brush up on what you can do and what’s out there. You aren’t suppose to remember 100% of what you learn, just try to remember how or what you can do. This way, you can go and search for more detailed information.

If you already have code, like your looking at another example, or help on somewhere like Stack Overflow, you should make sure you can read and understand what the example is doing. If you don’t, that’s a great time to go out and read supplemental material like MDN, or FreeCodeCamps Guides.

So for example, instead of going thru all of FCC’s curriculum again to remember 2 or 3 things, you look up what you don’t know as you go. No one remembers everything, and no one expects you too, that’s not how you gain experience. Rather the struggle of not knowing how todo something, then being able to solve it after doing some google searching, or using what you do know to figure out out is how you gain that experience.

Finally, I will point out that this approach goes into other aspects of web development, like programming which is more intuition based than web design, since web design is more standard’s and knowing what X does to Y. Programming is far more open ended and requires a different approach.

Goodluck, and keep building things :smile: