Help, I am way out of my depth


I have just finished my first part of responsive web design and have finally arrived at the projects! (YES! -M.BISON)

Only problem is that after writing books of notes, only some of it has gone in and I feel like I need to redo everything just to manage the projects.

Should I redo the curriculum?


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No. There’s nothing new in there. You’ve taken notes. Repeating the curriculum is a procrastination technique. Eventually you have to just dive in and be bad at something and get better.

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I think it depends on your priorities.

If you have the time for it, then yeah go for it.

It’s okay not to remember and understand every single thing. At least as a beginner.

Oh I agree with this. I might fall into this same mind trap.

Thanks for the advice guys, I will tackle the projects and refer to my notes as best as I can,
If I get stuck I’ll just use the Read-Search-Ask approach.

@ArielLeslie is right. You can only go so far with training wheels on. You will retain more by doing a project than revisiting the challenges. Besides, you have your notes, the internet and a forum to fall back on if you get stuck.

The Tribute Page is fairly basic. A minimal Tribute can be done without any Javascript and maybe 15 to 20 lines of CSS.

My advice
Don’t agonize over who to honor with a tribute - just pick someone and start coding
Start with a very basic looking page
One by one satisfy the requirements
Once you have a page that passes the tests turn you attention to aesthetic details

You’ll have fun.