Beginner projects-- could use some advice

Hello FCC,
I am currently working on the Responsive Web Design Projects section, and I finished the Tribute Page project. I had a bit of trouble figuring out one of the criteria, but after some googling I was able to solve that issue. However, I realized that I haven’t used the majority of the CSS principles I learned, and even though I just completed them I already forgot a lot about them.

My question is this: before moving onto the survey project, should I work on incorporating more of the CSS principles from the lessons into my Tribute Page, so that I can get them down better? If not, should I go back and redo those lessons to try and retain all the info? Before I speed through these projects I wanna make sure I am doing things as efficiently as possible, rather than as hastily as possible.

Thank you

I don’t have an answer but I am at the same point and noticed the same thing. I used a lot of what I learned but I didn’t retain much. Instead I had to Google how to do everything again. I think this might just be part of learning.
It looks like the successive projects require more of the skills from the lessons.

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Honestly, it’s up to you: if you feel your Tribute Page needs more work, by all means go back and improve it. Otherwise, consider it done, move on, and apply what you’ve learned to the next project. Which you decide depends on what you think helps you learn the concepts better. Some find it easier to incrementally improve on existing things, whereas some prefer to start from scratch with a greenfield project.

CSS is a very deep rabbit hole, so there will always be more to learn. Make your projects to where you’re satisfied with them, but try not to get mired in a single project trying to make it absolutely perfect. And as @DanOfTheMountain mentioned, later projects will demand more CSS skills (one requires flexbox, others need more advanced media queries), so you’ll be pushed to learn more in later projects regardless.


It makes me feel a bit better to know that I am not alone in this lol. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I will just continue on, and wait till the successive projects require more in-depth CSS.


Thank you for the advice. After reading your advice I think what I will do is go back and tweak some things minimally, and then move on. Once I get to the projects that require deeper CSS knowledge then I will figure things out then. Thanks so much for the feedback. Any advice I can get this early on really helps.


I suggest to make sure you pass the tests and then move on to the next project. You can always go back and refactor older projects. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have refactored code several times. After I get better from practicing I look back at old code and cannot believe what I have written. One project I completely did over from scratch, and the good thing is that doing something over a second time it will always come out better, guaranteed.

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Hello @Xorxan,

I feel completely identified with the experience you described. In my case, after doing and refactoring some projects of that module, I believe that what really helps me is to take a good time thinking first about the final result that I want to get, then I start identifying the type of components and concepts that will be involved and finally I try to match them with the individual exercises (or better, just their categories) to figure out how much of them are going to be used.

For instance, when I was planning my first two projects I was more interested on learning Flexbox than Grids, and I put the later aside until my third project, where I intentionally use it in small parts.

In my opinion, FCC is very generous at giving us a wide variety of tools that we can use in real projects, and it depends on us to choose how many of them we want to use through the projects.

Best regards!

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A lot of good advice from folks here.

I also wanted to add a small suggestion based on this quote:

I actually found taking notes on a notebook very helpful in retaining information. Even if I don’t necessarily remember all the details, it does help me remember some keywords, and I personally find it easier to refer back to my own notes than to plow through google.

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