HTML/CSS Project 1: Survey Form

Hey guys, just wanted to pick your brains on my methodology for a second.

Very new to coding, but the first modules of Responsive Web Design did a great job I think (so many things about the internet suddenly make so much more sense). Now that I’m working on my first project with no handholding except a list of requirements, I find myself wanting to review the previous lessons to refresh my memory about certain elements so I can see the work I did for context.

My question is this: do you think it would be better to avoid reviewing my lessons and instead look for my answers through places like Stack Overflow/W3Schools (and just Google in general), in order to promote that problem solving mindset?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Do whatever works best for you.

I do sometimes overanalyze as a method of procrastination. Thanks for the feedback.

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