Build Tribute Page: starting out


I just got to the Responsive Web Design projects section. I’ve read through the first project but something’s not clear to me. Is it an open topic project or do I need to copy the same code from the Codepen example?

The first option, if that is the requirement, should be made more clear at the beginning of the project. The second option doesn’t make much sense since I won’t be learning anything by copying someone else’s work. :wink:

Thank you.

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My suggestion is to look at the projects others have submitted. You have to create your own tribute page and show off your knowledge of the challenges and topics you’ve completed, but look for inspiration as to what is possible.


Nope you make your own. If you copy the template, it’s just to get the JS file for testing. You can skip that, create your own codepen and add the JS file (do it in settings not in top of the html). The link for the JS file is list further down the page of instructions.


Awesome. Thank you. :+1:

Hey! Im new here! where could I explore the projects others have submitted? thanks a lot! Victoria