Build a Tribute Page - No idea where to start

Hi, I’ve just finished all the Responsive Web Design courses, and now I’m at the point where I need to complete the 5 projects. I’ve had a look at the Tribute Page project, but I have no idea what to do, like I don’t even know where to start. And, I don’t understand what any of the user stories are asking of me. Can anyone please help?

The easiest way is to use codepen to create your page. If you don’t have a codepen account then the first step is to create one. After that, at the bottom of the instructions for the Tribute page project is a link to a codepen template you can use to get started. Click on that link and then click “Save” in codepen to make it your own.

Is that enough to get you started?

Hi @lucychatterton1208,
first choose a subject for your tribute page, I had the same problem. Then start creating the bones of your HTML project (meta tags, title, images, paragraphs). You’ll see that once started the rest will come by itself.
Don’t panic :muscle:

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