How do I start to Build a Tribute Page?

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To build the Tribute Page project, should I replicate the one in the URL "" or what? Please more information is needed to help me start the project. Should I use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) or codepen? And if any, which is better and why? Thank you in anticipation of your responses.

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Hi! yes the objective is to build a tribute page about anyone, or anything. I use codepen and most people on here also use codepen but as long as you can give a link to your project i dont think it matters. All you need to do is add the fcc test thing select tribute page and complete the test cases. Like you have to have a p tag and h1 tag and stuff like that. Here is my tribute page if you want a example.


Use whatever tool you find easiest. If you build it locally (on your own computer rather than a service like CodePen) you will still need to create a live version with viewable code.

CodePen is probably the simplest way to start, but do whatever you’re comfortable with.

Thank you for this example. It will go a long way as a guide to building mine.

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Thank you for more insight.

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