I need to create a web a page with my content -Build a Tribute Page

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Hi Friends I have Query regarding about the Web Design Page of Tribute web page. So far i have not created an web page and i need to create a web page with my own content

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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what’s your question on this?

I need to create a web page form the basic level or i can use the link to in the below mentioned.

can any one help me out to create a web page for Build a Tribute Page to complete the assignment

Hi there,

The link is an example page. CodePen is the easiest way to start creating your own page. Here’s a brief explanation:

  1. Sign up for a free CodePen account.
  2. Create a new Pen
  3. Copy/Paste the test script into the html part.
  4. Start coding your tribute page.

Hope this helps.


That one is an example and an idea of what you can do - but you can’t copy that one, you must do your own and submit it.
You should look to see what other people have done - just type Tribute page in the search box. You can also give feedback on others’ projects as many people like that.
Before you start your project/tribute: decide who you would like to do. Some people have looked at Martin Luther King, a rock band, Mother Theresa, leaders who brought about change in their country, that sort of thing for example.
Then use the example given to give you an idea of how to structure it. Find a photo, and a information about your chosen person. Hope that helps.
Jayne :grinning:

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