How to start with the projects

Hi everyone,
This is my first time writing to this forum. I just completed all the lessons on responsive web design and now left with the five projects.

1). I would like to know if there is a youtube video on these projects?

2). Is html-css enough for these projects since he mentioned javascript in the projects summary.

thank you.

hey @kwakupat,

1: I think there are videos of people building these projects on youtube stuff like this

2: If you know javascript and want to use it you definitely can but its not necessary.


Hi @kwakupat!

Welcome to the forum!

There are plenty of videos. But honestly, I would advise you not to code along with a video.

The goal of these projects is to teach you how to build a plan to attack the project, and how to research things you don’t know.

I would suggest going through each of the user stories and tackling them one by one.

Once you get all of the tests passing then you can focus on styling the page.

As mentioned earlier, javascript is optional. The user stories only test you on html and css.


Yeah, please don’t follow along and copy somebody’s video. You’ll just be robbing yourself of the entire point of the projects - to learn by combining skills to complete a complex task.


Yes, that’s the best advice for you above. Try to implement all the use case on your own and research. This is how you can get stronger. Go for it.

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thanks everyone, I really appreciate your feed back. I’m grateful to be part of this high learning community.

note also that if you submit a project copied from a video, you are violating the Academic Honesty Pledge