HTML For Beginners

Hi guys , I hope you doing well, I am currently new on coding and programming ,also I have began learning HTML today , came to realise that I get stuck on the projects that you provide for the HTML , can I ask where can I find HTML notes , examples , guidebooks, videos to watch and read or theory work ,so that I will be able to take some notes on my Coding notes book

Your in the right place! When you get stuck, ask google and try things its slow but the best way to learn because your learning how to solve a problem that is what coding is about.
There are a few cheat sheets

Don’t worry most of us were in that phase initially.

I suggest to look in YT videos for learning HTML, CSS, JS etc

Search “learning html for beginners” and which ever teacher’s style you like do follow.

Watch a concept, pause video, do it yourself without looking and repeat.

  • Learn HTML and CSS

  • Build projects; loads of them ( refer to Frontend Mentor )

  • Repeat it for JS and other things as well.

Hey @vikramvi I hope you don’t lose your enthusiasm about learning to code. you can probable go on google and look fo html for bigginers i dont think that you need to buy a book most of the stuff that you need to know they tell you all about it here. You’ll learn as you go and if you have any questions the community here is very big you can just ask and someone will answer your questions and explain anything that you don’t understand. Hope you find all the knowledge you need.
Enjoy codinng!!

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