New to HTML and CSS

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for a community for Front End Web Dev, possibly a Discord channel or with like minded people, hopefully this is the right place.

I’ve been learning for roughly 2 months now and I’ve covered the fundamentals of HTML and CSS and a little bit of JS.

(Currently working on CSS Flexbox / Media Queries)

I’m not sure if this is the right place for a beginner level, but would love to hear back from you with advice on what to learn or pointing in the right direction, or advice you would give to yourself if you started out again

I’ve been recommended to work on Projects to gain experience, but I don’t feel like I’m at the right level to contribute.



Hi @Naroa535 !

Welcome to the forum!

This is the right place for beginners :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to keep working through the courses and build up a good basic foundation in web dev.

From there, you can build on complexity.
But if you don’t have a good foundation then it will be difficult to grow as a developer.

Take your time with learning, researching topics you don’t understand and practicing what you have learned.

Start with really small projects at the beginner level.
These projects can be as small as 10 -15 lines of code.

Most of the early projects will be solely for practice.
You can research html and css beginner project ideas.
Also the new beta version of the curriculum is all project based.
Then I would should bringing your projects to the forum and ask for the feedback in the #project-feedback section.

It sounds like you are referring to open source projects?

If so, then don’t worry about that right now.
Just focus on learning the fundamentals.

Once you have enough skills under your belt then you can contribute to open source.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for this detailed reply, it’s really appreciated.

I’ll definitely check this out and start uploading my code to here for feedback

It definitely helps, Thanks again for this reply, I’ll be sure to follow this sound advice. :slight_smile:

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