Advice for beginner

Hey everyone!

Im currently doing the responsive web design certification and I just finished “Basic CSS” .
I was just wondering if the web design projects are only to be done at the end, since I feel like I won’t remember a lot of the things once I get there. Is there maybe somewhere else where I could apply/train what I learned ? or what is the best way to practice in general?
And maybe any advice that would be good to know for a total beginner.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Feel free to peek ahead at the projects and start working on them.


Feel free to work at your own pace. You can do projects as you do the coursework or you can also do all of the coursework and peek back at the assignments when you need some help.

Like most of us, you probably won’t stay really motivated beating your head against the wall and working alone. Hop on the forum, and the chat and seek help when you need it. We don’t bite :wink:


I’ve been doing a bit a bit of everything really, learning more about the language that I’m learning and a lot of video watching on YouTube haha :rofl:

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