Finishing what I have started

I found this site about a few years ago at 2016 probably back in high school. However, I never managed to even complete the projects for the Responsive Web Design Certification due to procrastination and focus on my academics. Fast forward today I am currently 2nd year in Uni (not in a CS degree) and occasionally I have this sense of unfulfillment due to not finishing the course. I am writting here to simply announce that I will go back and finish this Web Design Course this summer break coming in June. Perhaps putting my goals here will put me in check.


Hi @joshua224 !

Welcome to the forum!

I am glad you have decided to give the responsive design course another chance.

My suggestion would be not to worry about perfection and just focus on the building and learning.

Break the projects down into smaller components and work on them a little bit at a time.

Good luck!

Obviously procrastination and not finishing what you start - those are bad things.

But my question would be - Do you want to study web dev? I mean, you’re getting a degree in a different subject. Maybe you tried it and you don’t care for it. I like to read, but occasionally I get 50 pages into something and just realize that I really, really hate this book.

So I would ask myself - why? Are you just wanting to finish it because you started it and you don’t want to quit? If that is the case, then I would say to find somewhere else to apply your energy: take up hiking, learn Italian, pick up the cello, learn to cook Indian food, get your pilots license, build a cabin in the woods, whatever. There is nothing wrong with quitting something, if it is for the right reasons. And that is especially true if you have something you prefer to do.

But if you really want to learn web dev, either for professional reasons or just because you think it’s fun, then go for it. Jessica offers some good advice. I would also add to set goals, force yourself to do at least 15 minutes a day. You also might take some time to find materials to help you work on procrastination and lack of focus in general - that would benefit your whole life.

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