Need advice regarding the cource

I have finished “Responsive Web Design Certification” section about a week ago. Already started next chapter “Basic JS” and… Got stuck a bit :slight_smile:

The problem is that i am not feel confident with all i have learned in the first section.
Like i DO know how the design (HTML + CSS + Bootstrap + some basic JQuery) work but there are a lot of stuff that i DON’T know how to do if i would have a real task to do.

So it makes me feels that i need to make a few more short real life (freelance maybe) projects - HTML, SCSS, Bootstrap, Jquery instead of deep dive into the JavaScript.

  • or

do chapter y chapter and just then go to “real life” projects )

I suppose a lot of you guys were in similar situation so i really need you advice.

Hi @_sambuka!

Each of the sections are meant to give you an introduction to the languages.
The best way to get better and feel more confident is through projects.

Keep building projects outside of class.


Hey there @_sambuka!

If you already did the responsive web design course and it’s projects then you have an excellent foundation!

I recommend making the projects you want whilst continuing your learning. Try portioning your time between projects and learning. You get the best of both worlds and you can implement new things into your projects while you learn them!

Hope this helped!

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Thank you guys.
I will focus on some projects now while continuing learning JS.
Bzw, where do i find some projects do work on? Maybe even to make some $ as it is really motivates.

Honestly, focus on getting better first. The things you are going to make now are not going to be very good. You are a beginner, you aren’t really hireable (would you hire a person who had just learned to use a calculator as an accountant? would you hire someone who had just learned how to use a wrench as a plumber?). You need to make things to learn, but you can’t be precious about them, they can just be thrown away afterwards (to reiterate, they will not be good for a while). Development is a skilled job: you may get incredibly lucky and find some work at your level, but as a rule there is [now] very little work for unskilled beginners. It’s highly unlikely you can make money as a beginner, so temper your expectations.


Yeah I agree with @DanCouper.

Don’t focus on the money right now. Just build tons of stuff.
Play around with it.
Break it.
See what happens.
You are not hurting anybody.

Build a foundation first, then worry about the money later.

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Thanks for the advice.
That is what i am talking about. I believe i do have a good basic skills and i want to keep practicing to get better. But to do so i need some tasks, projects etc…
Where do i find them? Discord or similar, or make just random project from the internet? It would be great to work with/for the mentor (do some routine tasks) to keep growing right and fast.
So it is not about making money right now (but why not, it is one of the best motivation) but to keep growing.

Well, you could google projects for beginners and there will be tons of options.

Try to make a simple project from one of those options. Just don’t code along with a tutorial.

Build it on your own.

It might be tough to compete, with the other freelancers on sites life upwork, or freelancer.

You could try to go out and find clients on your own outside of those sites. But that is going to take up a lot of time away from coding trying to get started freelancing.

So, I would personally just stick with learning.

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contriburting to open source is also good practice

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