Beginner Course Help

Hello everyone!

I’m currently brand new to coding; i’ve only started learning around three days ago. I’ve currently completed the first three modules of the responsive web design course (Basic HTML, CSS, Applied Visual Basics.).

I’m not having much trouble with the challenges but it kind of feels like I am just ticking boxes when I’m doing the challenges and having my hand held without really learning the information myself. Maybe it’s because I’m currently so early on in the process so I could be jumping the gun.

I was planning to redo the lessons once I’d gone through them a first time with a pen and paper and record down the different commands so I could pull them to reference if I needed to use them without the help of the challenges.

Did anyone else feel like this? Do you have any strategies to combat this?


Hi Zombie,

I’ve just started with the Responsive Web projects. It’s definitely easy to be spoon fed and type in what it’s telling you too, but you’ll find there’s loads of additional research you can do in the topics. I’m seeing that now starting with projects that I’m often find other references and ideas.

I felt exactly the same way once I reached the projects, so I’ve gone back to the beginning and started revising and taking notes. A lot more is sticking now, and applying it to actual code is what gets you learning